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Our New Technologies Laboratory staff is working now on process details for producing quite new goods for the world technical diamond market – for example: cone-shaped diamond anvils for extremely high pressure scientific studies.

Diamond anvils are usually and widely used in various scientific experiments and studies for special  circumstances when substance characteristics are studied being under extremely  high pressure conditions. Herewith, the pressure level between two diamond anvils can reach 350 GPA. (1 GPA. = or ~ 10,000 atmosphere) but temperature reaches 6,273 Kelvin (10,832 on Fahrenheit, 6,000 degrees Celsius) *


Company conducts a serial manufacture of diamond blades. It possess the modern equipment for precision mechanical and laser processing of diamond billets and crystals, which ensures manufacturing of high-quality cutting blades with very high resource of work.



Natural IIa-type «nitrogen-free» diamond plates, windows and substrates. We offer double or single-side polished, plane-parallel discs made of specially selected IIa-type diamonds.


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