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Research and production company "Micropribor" was organized in April 2008. It is a relatively young startup companies. The tasks we set ourselves is to develop the technologies for processing of diamond materials for science and technology, including the creation of micro and nanoelectronics, with the use of diamond materials.

One of the most interesting technological solutions we have developed is an original method of wave action on the crystal, allowing a fresh look at the use of diamond in new technologies, using previously unknown properties of this material.

But the most important goal of our work is to develop the intellectual potential and to unite the talented professionals of the country who have devoted several years of their lives studying the diamond, with their own original ideas, experience and knowledge.

The beginning of the research in this direction and the birth of the technology wave action on the crystal can be attributed to 1989, when the Institute of Crystallography of the USSR were recorded the invention of a new method of processing of a solid material and the device for its further actualization. In 1990, at JSC "Technomash MT" there was the first prototype of compact units of machine for mechanical processing of the diamond made. In 1994,at JSC "ASKOR" is created Problem Scientific-Technological Laboratory (with Karasev a head) to study this way of processing and to begin designing work to create a compact machine with numerical control and after that, use it when stone diamond is cut into a brilliant . Although the laboratory lasted only a few years, the year of the foundation was noted as a year of the foundation of our team and the establishment of our laboratory, which is in charge of new things which followed, with new employees as well as with a new original equipment already to represent the fifth generation, in collaboration with the S&P Center "UralAlmazInvest" continues its research.

Many people remember this difficult period in the history of our country. Crises, defaults, racketeering, raiding ... But the efforts of our small team helped us to maintain the technology and the equipment.

Something we have already done. On this site you can read about our previous achievements. The work title for a new way of processing the diamonds is called "Quantum-wave” technology. Some experimental data, which was obtained using this method of processing ,is not yet included in this site and still baffles our venerable experts. The results of these experiments are still being worked on, and there is still a lot to understand, to interpret and to explain.

And today I want to express deep gratitude towards the organizations, artistic groups and many individuals who have been helping us for years and supported our research.

We invite all talented, inquisitive, passionate researchers in various fields of activity to join our team. We also hope that new opportunities in the diamond industry will release many original ideas and will open new fields of application of this amazing and yet still unknown diamond crystal.

General Director of SPE "Micropribor", Ph.D.

Mityagin Alexander Y.

Head of Laboratory of Experimental Technologies "RPC" Mikropribor

Vladimir Karasev.

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