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The author describes his life observations, based on years of studying the world around him in many fields: history, esoteric, biblical stories. But above all, to study DIAMOND work with which the author has spent over 30 years. As a specialist in this field, Karasev encountered a surprising phenomenon that went far beyond the known science of things. Author plain language provides answers to many questions of the device of the modern world, giving examples, as from his personal life, and from which he studied the historical facts.

Clear differences are pure carbon. Colored and opaque diamonds contain impurities of silicon dioxide (SiO2), magnesium oxide (MgO), calcium oxide (CaO), iron oxide (FeO), iron oxide (Fe2O3), alumina (Al2O3), titanium oxide (TiO2) in the form inclusions occur graphite and other minerals


This article is about the mineral. For the gemstone, see Diamond (gemstone). For other uses, including the shape ◊, see Diamond (disambiguation).


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